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With over 30 years of helping people to become a calm, confident driver


I am patient,calm and will help you to enjoy and feel at ease in your lessons.


All lessons are carefully planned to cater for your needs, and let you learn at your own pace.


You'll receive guidence on preparing for your lessons, a video to watch and or some notes to read. Preparing for you lessons is your own choice, but will result in fewer lessons.


You will receive support and help with your theory test.


Through out your lessons you will develop the skills, not only to pass your driving test, but to become a safer driver.

working with you to stop driving test nerves

I deliver quality lessons with friendly and patient instruction. If your are looking for a quality service, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll listen to you and find out your needs and plan your lessons to be delivered at your own pace.

Structured Lessons

Planning from your 1st Lesson to getting your License in as fewer lessons as possible.

Beginner Driver

Even if you have never sat in the Driving seat before, you will feel you can become a driver. Find Out More….


Refresher/Cofidence building, If you need brushing up on your skills or feeling less confident Lessons

I can help you reduce those feelings which maybe are holding you back. Find Out more….

Driving Test Rescue

You have failed 1 or numerous tests, I am a mind coach who can help with nerves. Find Out more…

How can i help?

I not only build your skills as a driver, i can help with the mind sets that are needed to make you that calm,confident driver.


putting you behind the wheel

fhc drive

From complete beginner to confident driver


Learn in a relaxed enviroment


Learn the way you learn


Online ecourse


In House Mindcoach

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